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River sludge resource utilization
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Dongguan Zhangcun sludge disposal project
Brief introduction of case
One of the key projects of the integrated management of Dongyin Canal basin。

The project includes river dredging, sludge solidification treatment, and sludge transport after treatment, with a dredging volume of 540,000 square meters, effectively eliminating internal pollution sources in the river, and laying a good foundation for improving water quality。
Case details

Dongyin Canal of Dongguan belongs to the first class tributary of Dongjiang River, and the Zhangcun section of the basin involves 323.With a population of 680,000, there are many factories along the river, a large population, small workshops are messy, and sewage has not yet been fully connected into the pipe, which has become a difficult problem for the management of eastern diversion。

Dongguan Dongyin Canal Basin Zhangcun Section comprehensive treatment project Water Environment Comprehensive treatment Project (EPC Phase 2),The desilting project of the ecological park includes river desilting, sludge solidification treatment, and sludge transport after treatment,The silt removal capacity is 540,000 square meters,Effectively eliminate internal pollution sources in river channels,Lay a good foundation for improving water quality,It is one of the key projects of integrated management of Dongyin Canal basin。

The curing field of the ecological park takes 60 days from site selection to construction, and adopts mechanical dewatering technology to treat 10,000 cubic meters of silt per day。After dredging mud with cutter suction boat and dredge boat first,It is piped to the curing field,After garbage sorting, gravel screening, primary sedimentation, grid filtration, secondary concentration, silt conditioning, mechanical dehydration and other treatment processes,To achieve the separation of organic and inorganic materials of sludge, waste screening, dehydration and drying, and solidification and stabilization of heavy metal tail mud。The tail mud meets the environmental quality standards of backfill pollutants (the standard value of residential land for the second level environmental quality of backfill pollutants in the Technical Regulations for the Disposal of Sludge of Heyong and Reservoir in Dongguan City),The effluent reaches the "Guangdong Provincial Local Standard Water Pollutant Discharge Limit" (secondary standard for the maximum allowable emission concentration of the second type of pollutant in the second period),Achieve zero sludge transport, zero sewage discharge, zero environmental pollution。

Resource environmental protection has an efficient service team,Provide comprehensive services,The whole process from the preliminary investigation,To project review and approval,Concrete implementation and operation,And project acceptance settlement,Until the removal of equipment,Better control project cost and schedule,To undertake Dongguan Zhangcun, Jiangsu Rudong, Jiangmen Jianghai and other sludge resource utilization projects,The urgent problem of sludge pollution control and treatment has been solved,It ensured the smooth implementation of the tasks of water environment improvement and pollution prevention and control,To create a model of sludge treatment technology benchmark,Make the water clearer, the river more smooth, the city more beautiful。

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