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Comprehensive treatment of sewage in villages and townsRural sewage treatment
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Township sewage treatment facilities construction PPP project in Lechang City
Brief introduction of case
Model of water environment management for rural human settlements in northern Guangdong

Case details

Lechang City is located in the northernmost part of Guangdong Province, known as the "North gate of Guangdong", most of the rural areas due to the weak municipal infrastructure, domestic sewage treatment facilities are insufficient, has not yet realized the effective treatment of sewage。The content of Lechang project is the construction and operation of town-level and rural domestic sewage treatment facilities within the city。


The total project investment is about 6.700 million yuan, including the construction of township sewage treatment plant and village sewage treatment station two parts。Among them, 14 sewage treatment stations (plants) and sewage collection pipe networks should be built in 14 towns and cities, with a total treatment scale of about 2.070,000 cubic meters/day;519 sewage treatment stations and sewage collection pipe networks were built in 180 administrative villages, with a total scale of about 1.220,000 cubic meters per day;The total supporting network is about 500 kilometers。

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